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Want to enjoy the sport of senior recreational slow pitch softball?

Welcome to the “CREAKERS”

Ever feel like turning back the clock and reliving some of those joyous moments you experienced when you played baseball as a kid or softball as a young adult.  Well, that is something that over 250 seniors get to do each year as part of the Walnut Creek Senior Softball Program, one of the many programs offered by the Walnut Creek Seniors Club. 

Creakers softball is open to anyone over 50 with some players still swinging a bat into their 80’s.  While the overwhelming majority of players are men, the Creakers is a COED league with some solid women players.  The league consists of three divisions, American, National and Continental; players are assigned according to skill level.  Our Placement Committee diligently creates the rosters for over 16 teams across the three divisions that makes the games as fair and evenly balanced as possible. Rosters are reshuffled every year to promote parity. This gives players an opportunity to meet new teammates which is an important part of the social aspect of Creakers.  Games are played virtually year-round, so newcomers are encouraged to join at any time.

The Creakers organization goes back to 1986 with some players having been in the league for over 20 years.  We are well organized with a Code of Ethics, Handbook, and are governed by “Senior Softball League Rules”. 

We have players from all walks of life, including former teachers, policemen, firemen, fighter pilots, medical professionals, lawyers, accountants and meteorologists.  It’s safe to say that, more than anything else, Creakers seem to enjoy a sense of comradery.  There's some good-natured ribbing that takes place during games between friends and former teammates; and after games while we’re relaxing with a cold beverage.  Everyone comes equipped with a terrific sense of humor and players know that they can, indeed, turn back the clock – even if just for nine innings. 

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