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Creaker Update

Dale Browne

Creaker Nation:

Your Leadership Committee is still working hard to try and get us all back on the fields as soon as possible. This is to keep you informed as to the current status of our efforts.

As you have seen in the media recently some progress is being made in distributing the Covid 19 vaccine but recently there seems to be some setbacks in getting the vaccine distributed as fast and widespread as we all had initially hoped for. Some Creakers have received or are scheduled to receive the vaccine while others are still in waiting mode. What this means for us is we are still in a state of uncertainty as to when we can begin play.

The city of Walnut Creek has not established any helpful guidelines or metrics that would suggest when the fields will be available or what safety guidelines will be required by the Creakers or other user groups although the LC has established some tentative safety protocols. To our knowledge the city is essentially waiting for guidance from the county. We are currently trying to gain more insight directly from Contra Costa County.

At this time, we hope to begin our registration process in April or May 2021 with the hope of starting play in June or July. Please do not register in Club Express or the Senior Club’s Perfect Mind system until we request it. Also keep in mind that April/May is just an estimate and until we hear from the authorities we cannot say for certain when the season will begin. When we do know more we will communicate that to you immediately and work to begin the season as quickly as possible.

In the near future we will be sending out a player survey to everyone to verify their intentions of playing, how many teams they plan to play with and other various information. So stay tuned!

Thanks to you all for your patience and we look forward to the time when we can again play some ball, share some stories and sip a cold one together.

The Leadership Committee.