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Creakers Cancel 2020 Season

John Husokowski

A No-Surprise Announcement


Dear Fellow Creakers,


It probably will not come as a surprise that your Leadership Committee had decided to cancel the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we were all hoping for a decline in the number of new cases, the opposite has happened. Additionally, the fields remain closed by City ordinance with no prospect of opening in the near future. With this decision a number of issues emerge and we address these below in a Q and A format. If there are any unanswered questions please feel free to contact any member of the LC.


What about my registration fees that I paid for 2020?


You have three options regarding your 2020 registration fees.


            Option # 1 (credit). You can receive a credit worth 75% of your 2020 fees (exclusive of the Walnut Creek Senior Club membership fee which is non-refundable) that will be applied to your registration fee for the 2021 season. Unfortunately the credit cannot be 100%, because the Creaker organization had expenditures of about 25% of the registration fees taken in for the 2020 season, even though we had to cancel the season after only two weeks of practice games. These costs included field rental fees, supplies and maintenance costs, Club Express computer fees, and costs for the annual meeting and awards. The actual amount of the credit (or donation, or refund as described below) is as follows: If you signed up for one team it is $60, for two teams $90 and for three teams $105.

If you are planning to play in 2021 we hope that you will choose this credit option.


            Option #2 (donate). You can donate your 2020 registration fees to the Creaker Equipment Fund (aka the Restricted Fund). As you may know, any donation to the equipment fund is used for long- term equipment expenditures (tractors, pitching screens, bases, scoreboards, chalkers, uniforms etc.).


            Option #3 (refund). You can request a refund for 75% of your registration 2020 fees and a check will be mailed to you. We hope that only those players not planning to play in 2021 will choose this option.


If you choose option #1 (75% credit applied to 2021 registration fees) you need not do anything and we will automatically apply the credit.


If you choose either option #2 or option #3 then you must contact David Dredge and let him know whether you would like to donate your fees to the equipment fund or would like a refund. David’s contact info is:

Email:      Phone:   925-939-6418


What if I registered for a second Creaker team and/or for a Tri-City team?  


As the Walnut Creek Tri-City teams are subject to the same field restrictions as the Creakers, credits or refunds will be also issued for players who registered for two Creaker teams or a Tri-City team at 75% of registration fees.



What if the pandemic improves significantly in the short term?


If there is rapid improvement on the COVID-19 front that would allow safe play later this year, the LC would then consider the possibility of a fall/winter ball season (assuming that the City opens the fields for adult organized ball). At that point in time, we would need to determine how many players would like to play. Based on the response we would then organize teams, rent fields and develop a schedule similar to our previous fall/winter ball seasons.


What if I am not planning to play Creaker ball in the 2021 season?


If you are not planning to play Creaker ball in 2021, please contact David Dredge (contact info above) and let him know as soon as possible. Also let him know whether you would like to donate your 2021 registration fees or would like a refund. David will provide you with instructions for returning your uniform.


What Plans does the LC have for the 2021 season?


We are hoping that the majority of our current Creakers will be signing up for the 2021 season. The timing for registration for the 2021 season is still under discussion by the LC. It is possible that registration will occur later than normal this year, but we will keep you apprised of the new registration date/deadline.


At this time, we are planning to keep the same teams for the 2021 season. Hopefully, this would necessitate only minor changes in the team rosters. As a result, we would ask that you keep your team jersey until next season unless you are not planning to play in 2021.


We would ask all 2020 managers, in all divisions, to volunteer again for 2021. As noted above, you will have the same team roster with only minor changes. If you are unable to manage in 2021 please contact Lee Namanny if you are an American Division manager or Murray Herriman if you are a National or Continental Division manager (their contact information is noted below).


I am interested in becoming a member of the Leadership Committee. How can I apply?


LC Candidates for 2021 are now being considered for two new positions. The position is for a 3-year term, which begins on January 1, 2021. Here is a quote from the Creakers by-laws: "Candidates for the LC may be self-nominated or nominated by any member of the Creaker Organization. While there are no absolute criteria to be nominated or to serve, the LC during its deliberation for the election of new members will consider prior experience in and service to the Creaker organization."

If you are interested or know someone who is an excellent Leadership Committee candidate, please contact any member of the LC. Please submit your nominations no later than September 1st.


Your Leadership Committee,


Mark Pitzlin, Chair


Donn King, Secretary


David Dredge


Murray Herriman


Lee Namanny


Dale Browne


John Husokowski